Anal Toy

Want to check out some photos and a video of a hot ladyboy sitting on an anal toy? Good. Its my post for today so you get to check it out anyway. And this Anal Toy is going to go deep and that is partially because of the position the hot ladyboy is in. So get your cock out right now. Get some tissue and get ready to watch this amazing video. Its hot and watching this anal toy go in and out of her ass hole is going to make you want to shoot your load all over.

For those of you who do not know this beautiful girl. Her name is Vitress Tamayo. She has beautiful hair and full soft lips for sucking cock. She also happens to have a very nice set of big trans girl tits on her. And she loves to have them played with. So keep that in mind. Furthermore her cock gets nice and hard and she is more than willing to top the guy that she is with. Vitress does not have the biggest cock but it works really well and shoots a nice creamy load.

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Anal Toy

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