Big ass trans Vitress Tamayo

Big ass trans Vitress Tamayo!

What needs to be said? It’s all in the title and we think that its fucking HOT! Yes guys this is none other than Vitress Tamayo the amazing ladyboy that loves to share her big ass. Hence the name, Big ass trans Vitress Tamayo! For those of you who are looking for a plump ass to sink their cock into, this is the one. She has a killer body on her with a big set of tits as well. Then move up just a touch in your view and she has amazing lips and long beautiful hair. Click the image to see more!

Big ass trans Vitress Tamayo

Can you imagine finding her waiting for you in this position? What would you do? Personally I would drop my clothes instantly and free my raging hard on. Then if I had lube I would get the head of my throbbing cock all lubed up. If no lube then a ton of spit as I slid up behind her. Spreading her ass cheeks with one hand and guiding my cock with the other I would penetrate that hole. Slow at first. Make sure her tranny hole is wet with spit and sink deeper into her!

Then once my cock was all the way in, I would reach around and hold those tits in my hands and move my hips to pump her ass as she moaned in my ear.

Click now to have some fun with Vitress and tell is all about it in the comments below!

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