Most of you already know who Vitress Tamayo is and you know she loves Cosplay. In fact you have seen her dress up in many things. And today we wanted to present to you Vitress Tamayo in her pink bunny outfit. Now one of the best parts about this little bit of Cosplay is there is very little to her outfit. That means those killer curves of hers are exposed and ready to be enjoyed. And in the sample photos you can see those curves and understand why her fans love them so much.

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With long and full hair. Thick and soft lips, Vitress is easy to remember. Then once you get a look at those big full tits of hers!! Moving your eyes down to her curvy hips and big juicy ass! You can easily see what it is about her that everyone adores. She is hot. Curvy and sensual and just down right lustful!

Oh and did we mention that Vitress loves to suck cock? Yeah she can never quite get enough of that. So if you are a guy into blowjobs make sure to let her know. And if you are really into them she loves a good 69 as well.

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