Hand down panties

Take a look at this hand down panties shot and let me know what you think! Yeah I know. Makes me want to slide up behind her and help her. With a hand down panties shot like this you get all sorts of ideas in your own head. Can you just imagine them? If you can let us know what you think. But also keep reading to see what I was thinking!

So I saw this photo and the first thing that came to mind would be sitting with her but on a sofa. She is leaned against me. Her legs are out in front of her and she is wearing these panties. We are catching a movie. Someone in the show kisses and starts to strip and I feel my girl take a deep breath. One of her hands then slowly movies down to her panties. At first it just lays there. Then she traces the head of her cock with one finger. Then with two fingers.

I can feel her breathing getting slowly heavier. I see her start to play with the band of her panties and I reach down. Take her fingers away and instead slip min under it. Slowing moving down her body until I feel her cock. I caress it with my fingers and feel it stiffen and start to stand up.

Hand down panties

Do you see now how this hand down panties photo can make your mind go wild with sexual ideas? Well wait until you see the rest of the photo set. Click the image or a text link right now!

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