HardBody Ladyboy.

HardBody Ladyboy.

Take a look at Netty the hardbody ladyboy of your dreams. She has a killer body with small and firm tits. Legs that are firm and strong but not over muscled. The main thing that I do want to bring to your attention about Netty and her hardbody is that she also has a lot of muscle control.  And when we say a lot, we mean a ton. Furthermore she has that control in the best area possible.

If your thinking that she hyas that control in her ass, you are correct sir and win the prize. Whats the prize? Click on one of the links and watch her use that love hole to do some of the hottest and sexiest things. Namely taking a thick hard cock in and squeezing it tight.

Take a close look at the image below and see the muscle under her skin. Taught and ready to work and please you.
HardBody Ladyboy

By the way! When you slip your cock into Nettys ass. Make sure and pull on her hair. Pull back nice and hard with one hand and then reach around and either hold her firm tits in the other hand or slide it down her belly to her cock and stoke her. She loves both. But pull her hair!

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