Hot red panties

Want to check out a nice body in some hot red panties?? Uhhhh there I go with the stupid questions again. Of COURSE you want to see some hot red panties and on a hot trans girl. So. Boom! There she is. Vitress Tamayo showing off her very long legs in heels. And of course her big tits are out and ready for some fun. But do not let either of those distract you from those hot red panties. They are well okay they are part of the focus of today’s free sample photo.

Now as mentioned if you start at the floor and work your way up. The first thing you notice is a set of sexy black high heels. The your eyes ride all the way up a pair of shapely long trans girl legs and once they hit that meeting point you get to check out the panties. Now Vitress has been careful in this photo to keep her cock hidden. But that is okay also. Why? Because then we can check out her big tranny tits as well. Talk about a hot photo. But don’t worry. The next few in the set reveal her pretty cock and its going to get and stay nice and hard in anticipation of you playing with it.

Click on the sexy image of Vitress Below to see the rest of this set.
Hot red panties

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