Ladyboy ass

Getting into some amazing ladyboy ass is always fun. The tighter the girl is the better. And that means that once you find the right ladyboy ass you need to find a way to hold onto it. And we have found one that you are really going to enjoy. Her name is Apple and she wants you to take a bite out of her ladyboy ass. And then she wants you to stick your cock into her. So get ready to have some fun with this cute if a little chubby ladyboy. All the more cushion for pushing.

So now that you are sitting there. Hopefully cock in hand. You can easily see that Apple is ready. Just climb up on the stool in behind her and lube that ass. You might want to start out fingering her love hole. You know just to get it ready for a good fuck. Then once its a little loosened up you can tongue fuck it a little. Now more lube and slide the head of your cock right up against the hole. Then gently and slowly push with your hips. Apply pressure with the head of your cock and make sure that it sinks right into the middle of her ass.

Sound like a good plan? Click on the image right now and watch!
Ladyboy ass

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