Ladyboy in panties

Ok guys. Time for another hot Ladyboy in panties. Most of you already know her name. For those of you who dont! Well this beauty and ladyboy in panties is Vitress Tamayo. The self professed selfie queen! As you can clearly see in the photo below. She has some amazing cock sucking lips on her. Vitress also has beautiful long, lush and full hair. And those titties are in need of some oil and a cock jammed between them. Trust me when I say she would welcome the head of your cock as it tiitty and lip fucks her.

Vitress loves to dress sexy and she says that panties are one of the sexiest things that a woman can wear. Otherwise you cant flash them. You cant strip down and tease. If you dont have on panties once your dress, skirt or jeans come off. Well then everything is exposed. She wants to take things slow so panties help with that. We want to say thank you to her for being so fucking horny and sensual and sexy!

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Ladyboy in panties

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