Ladyboy Vitress Tamayo

Ladyboy Vitress Tamayo. There are a lot of hot ladyboys around. However Ladyboy Vitress Tamayo is probably one that you will never forget once you see her. This girl has it all and she loves to show it off any way that she can. From Dressing like a total slut when she goes out to night clubs. To always being naked when she is at home. Ladyboy Vitress Tamayo lives to suck fuck and get off.

Now just take a look at her and lets start at the top and work our way down. She has beautiful and full long black hair. Her face is soft and round with amazing skin and very sexy and sensual dark eyes. Her lips are full and very soft to the touch. Vitress also has a nice slender neck that is sensitive to kisses and bites. Furthermore her shoulders are soft and support some of the nicest big trans tits ever. With pink nipples its just a must, see touch kiss suck and drop a load on.

Ladyboy Vitress Tamayo

Did I bring up her ass yet? Yeah Ladyboy Vitress Tamayo has one of the nicest asses as well. Its not a big bubble butt however its quite nice. She has a very tight love hole and she would be more than happy to have you lick it and stick it. So right now click on the image above or a text link and get to jerking with Vitress.

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