Lingerie Striptease

Lingerie Striptease!

Have you ever had this done for you? Most of the time when you meet with your girl she will strip off her clothes and have some sort of sexy lingerie. Do you then get a Lingerie Striptease? Or dose she just drop it off fast and jump on the bed? With Nina StrongHold the Lingerie Striptease is always slow and sensual and she ends up with her cock hard when she is done. Nina also tells us that she often will have the man she is with remove her clothing. She says she makes him go slow and pay very close attention to her body.

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Lingerie Striptease

Do not even think about missing out on watching Nina. Once her cock is hard she has to cum or it wont get soft again. So help her shoot that cream all over any place that you want it. Click right now.

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