Naked Ladyboy

Do you know who this Naked Ladyboy is? She is actually quite famous and she has a killer body on her. From her soft and gentle curves to her big tits and tight big ass. This Naked Ladyboy inspires a lot of dreams and fantasies. So. What is her name?

Yep you got it. Vitress Tamayo and she is the Naked Ladyboy of the day. Living in Manila she says that she loves the city life. For her now things are much better than when she was a young trans girl. She now is admired and respected and desired. We don’t know about you but its easy to see why men dream about her. She has a really pretty set of tits on her. Cock sucking lips. Soft and curvy hips and also a tight ladyboy ass. So whats your favorite part of her?

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Naked Ladyboy

Otherwise if you ready to see the whole set all you need to do is click on one of the text links. They will take you right to the tour of Vitress’ website and you can just grab your membership. All the photos and movies are in one easy to enjoy area and at your fingertips.

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