Red high heels

Red High Heels.

For me, Red High heels are a real turn on. I have no idea why. And I have tried dressing the girls up in all sorts of colors of heels. But red high heels seem to do the trick. Of course as soon as Sapphire found that out, she ran out and bought a pair just to show off in this photo set. I was so glad that she did because I think that the high heels on her legs make her body look amazing. And she does love to show off that body!

Just take a look at her legs starting down at the heels. Look all the way up to her hips, enjoy seeing that cock for a moment and then let your eyes drift to those big beautiful tits of hers. Now back out what you are staring at and take in the whole view of her amazing body. Her round and curvy ass and those tight and perfect nipples.

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Now you are starting to see more of Sapphire and how hot she really is. With those full and round tits and that long hard trans girl cock. Well you just want to see more and more of her naked.

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