Red Panties! Nina Stronghold needs love!

Red Panties! Nina Stronghold needs love! That’s right Nina Stronghold is looking for some love and she wants you to visit her. So just look at the photo below and start to think about this.

Kiss her lips and face and work your way down. Stop right there on her big round tits and suck on her nipples. That is something she loves above all else. Make sure to nibble on her nipples a little as well.  Then move down lower and tease her tummy with your tongue! Once you get to her panties, caress her cock with your tongue. Make sure to add just enough pressure that she can feel it through the cloth. Finally move her red panties aside and suck her cock while slipping a couple of fingers in her ass. At the same time you suck her, she will suck your cock deep and hard! Getting you ready to cum on her or in her!

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Red Panties

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