Sapphire Young in boots

So guys take a look at my photo sample below. I grabbed this from the set because I wanted to share it. The set is Sapphire Young in boots. But this photo is about my ass. What do you think? Do the boots make my ass look better? Or do the boots take away some how? Do they draw your eye away from my ass and my panties? Come on a girl needs to know these things. I want to know what you see when you look at this photo set, Sapphire Young in boots!

Is that all you see is the boots or do you see the super sexy me? heheheh. Sorry I had to say it. I do hope that you can not take your eyes off the of the entire photo as I think its a great set. I think I look hot!

Sapphire Young in Boots

So that you know. These boots were a gift from a fan. We met while he was in Manila and had an amazing dinner. Walking back to his hotel we passed a shop and I commented on the boots. But the ones I saw were in read. I stated I thought they would look amazing in black. Two days later he left. The following morning I got a knock at the door and it was a package that contained these boots. So I posted this set. Thank you Josh!

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