Selfie cleavage

Selfie cleavage. Now this is something that I find to be super hot about Vitress Tamayo. For those of you who do not know Vitress like I do. She is the self proclaimed Selfie queen. And as you can see her photos are pretty damn hot. And of course they are hot because she is the subject of them.

Vitress loves to have her tits out and her body free of tight clothing. Its one of the few reasons that a selfie cleavage shot is so easy for her to grab. And she does this often. She says that a lot of her neighbors are always watching her windows because most of the time she is either topless or has on nothing at all. And she often grabs photos when she sees herself and thinks that she looks sexy! Which of course is most of the time.

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So if you are ready to see more of this Selfie Cleavage shot then simply click on a text link here on the post. It will take you to the tour of her website where you can join and show her that you are a fan. Then inside you can not only enjoy this set but the entire members area is available to you. Make sure to rate and comment on the sets that you like the most. Tell Vitress all about what turns you on, gets you hard and makes you cum!

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