Side Boob.

Side Boob. If you dont know what this means. Keep reading. You will be glad you did.

So taking a look at some of the shots in the members area I found this hot Side Boob and ass shot. So in sharing I also wanted to get your opinion.

Take a look at the image below. You can clearly see that she has Beautiful long hair. All natural of course. Her shoulders are nice and soft looking and it appears the could support a lot of kissing and licking.

Imagine sitting down behind her in this position. She would be a little lower so her head would be right at your mouth level. Lean down and brush her hair to the side to expose her neck. Kiss it and lick it softly. This action will of course cause her to lean back towards you and arch her back. Pushing her beautiful tits into the air and exposing more side boob. Keep kissing and licking her neck and now slide a hand around her boob and pinch her nipples softly.
Side Boob

By now her head has begun to turn and her face is looking towards you and her lips are parting. Kiss her. Lick her tongue with yours as one of your hands slides down her body. That hand is going to end up between her legs and…..

Click the image or a text link to find out what else you will feel on this amazing ladyboy body.

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