Anal toy insertion

Most trans girls love anal. In fact as far as I know most of them are passive and that means that an anal toy is how they get themselves hot so that they can get off. With a bit of anal toy insertion their cock gets hard and they start stroking both the pole and the hole at the same time. This continues to build the heat in their balls and makes them want to cum. So now that we have this thought crashing into our brains. Lets take a look at this beauty and her anal toy insertion. Come see more right now. Click here!

First I want you to know that the toy was a gift from a fan. He loved this girls ass hole and wanted to watch her work it with a toy. So he sent her that anal toy. She did the insertion and loved it and squealed with delight.

Now if you want to see what all she does with this anal toy. Simply click on the image below or this text link <---. The rest of this photo set is hot. but the movie is so much better. So make sure to check that out as well. You will love seeing her work her ass with that glass toy! Anal toy insertion

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