Public flashing

Public flashing is something that is becoming more common. And there are plenty of girls that do this. It sucks to see when the girl doing the public flashing is ugly. But when she is hot like the girl in the image below. Then the flashing is ok and I think we all end up enjoying it. So keep reading and let me set the stage for how Vitress ended up doing this little bit of public flashing for her fans and friends. Click to see more!

So Vitress was on her way to a disco in town when she decided to stop and grab some gas and snacks. They had about an hour drive. While inside she noted the cashier keeping a very close eye on her but he also had one hand under the counter and he was moving. She realized he was jerking off. So she got some ice cream and started eating that and then started with a bit of flashing and taking photos of her self. This selfie turned out really hot and it also helped make the guy cum. And this got her started flashing in the car as well.

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Public flashing

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