Curvy Ladyboy

So take a close look at this Curvy Ladyboy. Then make sure to look again. Now let me know in the comments below what you think! Most of us guys love a hot and Curvy Ladyboy and this beauty would be the perfect one.

Sitting at this computer looking at this image. Seeing her hair cascading over one shoulder. This of course leaves the other bare. Our eyes follow the line of her shoulder down and her top has slipped to uncover one of the most beautiful boobs. The mound at the top is perfection and deserves to have your tongue run over it. Starting at the top you run your tongue down. As you go lower you encounter her nipple. You can pause there and grab it gently with your teeth and then while holding it like that, caress it with your tongue.

Now continue your path down her body. Licking and kissing all of her skin. Lift the bottom of her shirt so that you can kiss her tummy as you movie lower and lower.

Curvy Ladyboy

You can tell this Curvy Ladyboy is hot. So gently pull her hand out of her panties. Then using your teeth and tongue to remove her panties and expose her hard throbbing cock. You can see it pounding in time to her heart and breathing.

She is ready. She needs you. She has to have you inside of her. So suck her cock into your mouth.

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