Ladyboy ass! Vitress Tamayo has a sexy one!

Ladyboy ass! Vitress Tamayo has a sexy one! Yes we are talking about ladyboy ass today. It seems to be a good topic and we have plenty of hot ladyboys to chose from.

For this ass shot I chose Vitress Tamayo. PornStar, cock sucker and all around beauty! And did we mention that she is always horny and ready to fuck. Vitress prefers to be a bottom most of the time but she also has her days where she wants to be a top. Also with an ass like that can you blame her for being a bottom?  Just take a look at that amazing ass on this ladyboy and tell me what more you could want! Oh, yeah well I guess you would want to see that ass getting worked. So, join her members area right now and also make sure to look around here for other samples.

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Ladyboy Ass

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